Author Guidelines

  • The articles are the result of a research or literature reviews about:
    1. Management and Governance;
    2. Religious;
    3. Education; and
    4. Human Resources Training and Development.
  • The article will be checked using plagiarism checker application with a maximum tolerance is 20%.
  • The manuscript uses times new roman letters, size 12, typed 1 space, A4 paper size margin 4 – 3 cm (left – right) and 3 -3 (top bottom) and number of pages 7 – 10.
  • Submit an article through the online journal system Widyaborneo, link submission:
  • The title of the article is written in Indonesian and a foreign language and typed with capital letter.
  • The author's name is capitalized and bold without academic title.
  • The institution name is typed in full and the author's personal contact is an email.
  • Abstracts are presented with 2 language versions (Indonesian and English), between 200 to 250 words.
  • The abstract describes the entire text containing the objectives, methods, discussions, and conclusions.
  • Writing format consists of:
    1. Title, Author Name, Institution, and email
    2. Abstract + Keywords (keyword)
    3. Introduction
    4. Theoretical Foundation
    5. Research Methods
    6. Research Result and Discussion
    7. Closing (Conclusions and Recommendations)
    8. References
  • References are typed using APA styles and Mendeley’s reference manager application.
  • Download Template